Helimot Hi-5 Motorcycle Glove


$ 249.95 


This is the Do-Everything Glove. Waaaay cooler in hot weather. But also waaaay warmer in cool weather. And pretty water resistant, too. And very very protective. Oh, and, super comfortable. The palm is deerskin and cowhide, and the back of the hand is a Super Kevlar, very high tech and made especially for us. This is not your father's Kevlar, son.

You can wear this in Death Valley in the summer, if you're silly enough to be there at that time of year, and if you put some water in them your hands will stay cool. No kidding. If you find yourself in some rain, don't worry too much. This Kevlar is waterproof. The entire glove is not, of course. And you'll be comfortable in this glove down to about 55 degrees, maybe 45. This is really a Super Glove.

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