Daytona M-Star GTX


$ 349.95 


The M-Stars are exactly the same boot as the Lady Stars. They used to all be Lady Stars, sizes 35-43. But men didn't want to wear a boot called LADY Star, so Daytona took the larger sizes and called them M-Star. The M-Star comes in sizes 40-43. If you need a smaller size, order the Lady Star. We promise, it does not say LADY Star anywhere on the outside of the boot. Height 30 cm.

If you need help with the size, check the Boot Size Conversion Chart,

PLEASE NOTE that our stock gets a bit depleted in August as Daytona closes the factory and goes on vacation. Call us to check availablility on the boots you want. 510-252-1509, but call during business hours since our answering machine is on vacation too and doesn't take messages very well.

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