About Helimot

In 1985, Helmut arrived in the US from Austria (the country with mountains, not kangaroos), and he and Linda started the company the same year, importing and distributing motorcycle products from Europe. In 1987, they opened a retail store, which Helmut ran by himself three days a week. He continued to visit dealers the other three days. In 1990, Linda quit her "day job” and the store was open five days a week. Soon after that, we began making custom motorcycle suits.

Still basically a "Mom & Pop” operation, we continue to be closed Sundays and Mondays. We ride nearly every Sunday. In 1995, we moved from our first tiny retail location to a larger facility, where we had about 4000 square feet. Now we're in Fremont, where we have our retail store and our factory where we make our suits, gloves, back protectors and various other products.

So, how did we come up with the name "Helimot?” Often confused, actually, with Helmut's first name. Here's how: HE-Helmut, LI-Linda, MOT-Motorcycle. When Helmut named the company, he had in mind the Cagiva motorcycle, which comes from CA-Castiglioni, GI-Giovanni, VA-Varese. Giovanni Castiglioni founded the Cagiva Company and is the father of the two brothers who owned it in more recent years. Varese is the town in Italy where it was founded.

If you live near Fremont, California, or plan to be in the area, please stop by and see us.  Store hours are Tue-Fri, 10-6, and Sat 9-2.


45277 Fremont Blvd #7

Fremont  CA  94538


email info@helimot.com