Daytona Lady Star GTX


$ 324.95 


Years ago, Helmut asked Daytona to make a Road Star Boot with built-up soles for Linda, who is way short. So they did, and they thought that was a really good idea and developed the Lady Star GTX, which will give you a 6 cm height (a little over 2.25 inches) at the heel. The build-up is both on the outside of the boot and on the inside. (Take at look at the graphic.) There is some build-up at the toe, but not as much. This is the total height. To give you an idea how much more height you may get over boots you are wearing now, we measured Linda with her regular Daytona boots and then with her Lady Stars, and the height difference was about 1.5”. The Lady Stars are Gore-Tex lined, so they are waterproof. They also have a Velcro calf adjustment. The Lady Star is available in sizes 35-39. If you need a larger size, order the M-Star, which is exactly the same boot. Height 30 cm.